Spring Weeds

The climate pattern “La Nina” means “little girl” in Spanish and a herald of drought! However, the current episode of “La Nina” has produced a wet winter season for us SoCal residents!

So, as we enter prime weed season, winter has brought us multiple storms, and “atmospheric rivers”. offering us impressive precipitation along with floods, landslides, increasing reservoir levels, and majestic snowfall on our local mountains! …Unfortunately, it has also brought us an overgrowth of dandelions, spotted spurge, clovers, and uncontrollable crabgrass among other undesirable weeds.

Weeds are a real bummer, but the truth is told, they are a product of gardening, and a routine chore. The awakened weeds are growing with vigor, which means you must spring into action now before they flower and seed while attempting to overtake your lawn and garden completely.

It’s ok, investing a day (or two!) in your yard now will undoubtedly reward you later this summer and fall. After all, why do we take care of our yard? Some of us enjoy BBQs relaxing with family and friends, or enjoying a sunset over a cleanly manicured landscape! It’s your yard and your choice. So, grab your gloves, power trimmer, hoes, shovels, and clippers, and let’s get to work. As a result of our efforts, we will indulge in our amazing yards soon. Enjoy!

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